Recommended iOS Apps for School


*The Essential Apps for your *iPad:
*recommended the iPad 6th gen 32 gb with logitech stylus and bluetooth keyboard case. (any iPad will work, just note that some older devices may not be compatible with some apps.)
(These apps should be placed in a folder titled "school" and placed on the dock)

** All kids should have their own iCloud account in order to keep their devices properly backed up. They can either use the iTunes store associated with their iCloud account or a family iTunes account. (Please ask me how if you are not sure how to do this, alternatively you will find some information below on how to do this.)

** All ECSD students have a district email that can be used to login to Microsoft Office 365 and to Google.
  • Edmodo (free) (our virtual classroom. Used for communication, feedback, assessing, polling, sharing. Once the parent(s) connects to the child's account, they will have access and be notified of upcoming assignments and their child's progress and communication with the class.)
  • Goodnotes (purchased by school(used to replace duotangs/binders/paper. This app is designed to input printing or handwriting and is best used with a stylus. I recommend a precision stylus such as the apple pencil or logitech crayon)
  • Procreate (purchased by school) (used to create art)
  • SpellingCity (free) (used to practice vocabulary words
  • Raz Kids (free) (used for levelled reading/comprehension)
  • Mathletics (free) (used to practice basic math skills)
  • Learner's Dictionary (purchased by school) (voice activated dictionary)
  • Book Creator (purchased by school) used to create eBooks
  • Quiver (free)- Used to view augmented reality paper
  • Plotagon (free) (allows you to created animated cartoons)
  • Pic Collage (free) Awesome for making posters and infographics.
  • Puffin (purchased by school)- This is an internet browser capable of running flash on iOS
  • Glo Bible (free)
  • FlipGrid (free)
  • Libby (free) This is used to download audio books and ebooks from the Edmonton Public Library (*library card # and pin req'd)
  • Stop Motion Pro (purchased by school) (used to create stop motion film)
  • Google Classroom (Free)- Used to connect to virtual classroom
  • OneDrive (free) This is cloud storage for documents as part of office 365
  • Microsoft Word (free) This is for creating document as part of office 365
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (free) This is for creating presentations as part of office 365
  • Microsoft Outlook (free) This is for students to access district email as part of office 365
  • Microsoft OneNote (free) For creating notes as part of office 365
  • Class Website (add to home screen) Using safari, go to and click share button and add to home screen for easy access.
  • *I highly recommend creating a Gmail account because it provides you with a suite of free productivity applications provided by google for document creation. It's free, incredibly powerful and simple to use. More importantly, it allows you to lock down the "strict search" safety feature when doing google searches. Google apps available for iOS: Google Search, Google ClassroomGoogle EarthGoogle Drive, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Hangouts, and YouTube
  • Apple Apps: iMovie, Keynote, Pages, iBooks, iTunes U, Numbers, Garage Band, Swift Playgrounds

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